Alberta Yellows — Photo 100 — Project 365

Alberta Yellows — Photo 100 — Project 365
Alberta is amazing for its landscapes. Much of it is flat, and combined with roads surveyed before anyone lived there on even mile spacing, you can get roads that seem to go on forever. This picture was take in October (Thanksgiving weekend, actually) and so the grass was basically dead but the snow had yet to come, leaving this beautiful palette of yellows.

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The West Still Wants In

Fifteen years ago, a grassroots political movement with the slogan “The West wants in” suddenly appeared within the House of Commons. Sick of feeling that the politics of this country (Canada) were run by backroom deals among the ‘king-makers’ in Ontario and Quebec, often to the determent of Western Canada, the people formed a political party and sent them to Ottawa. But even winning 80% of the seats in Alberta and British Columbia wasn’t enough to grant the party Official Opposition status; no, that honour went to a party who’s raison d’être was best summed up by de Gaulle in 1967 when he proclaimed “Vive le Québec libre!” (Long live free Quebec!)

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