Back when the internet started and you wanted to find something, websites had simple names. As more and more people have moved onto the internet, most of the simple names were snapped up and now sell for a small fortune. Adding to the confusion is that is that many websites will pass information back to their server using what appears to be random gibberish to the rest of us (check out the URL next time you do a search at Google or the like). Someone got smart and came up with a solution! Enter tinyurl.com. Enter your long, convoluted URL in and they spit out a much shorter. For example, start with MinchinWeb.BlogSpot.com and end up with tinyURL.com/y6xxef, which granted isn’t a ton shorter, but it shows up a lot better is we go with something longer, like http:// minchinweb.blogspot.com/ 2006/12/ tinyurlcom-on-line-wonders-iii.html, the perment link for this post, and you get tinyURL.com/y3lvrh. Not so shabby! Give it a try for yourself:

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What Time Is It?

Time is an illusion. Lunchtime doubly so.

— Douglas Adams

As life goes by, it seems more and more important to know what time it is. Your bus comes at this time, your flight leaves at this time and your meeting across town is at this time. In theory, the better you know the time, the better you are at being on time, right? I wish!

Besides the practical aspects of knowing the time, I always thought it was cool to see the row of clocks behind the reception desk of big companies in the movies. Now I found a way to add that to my blog! World Time Server.com allows you to create a snipit of code and then insert it on your site that displays an analog clock in the colour scheme, size, and time zone of your choosing. I think it’s cool. Here’s my little gallery of world times:

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