Minchin.ca Homepage Redesign

Homepage redesign is kind of a big deal; people get used to seeing a site look a certain way and a site design can completely change that look. I am in the middle of doing that. On one hand, I’ll be sad to see my header image from Hawai’i go, but like the simplicity of what is replacing it. All told, the design is something that I’ve been working on in spits and spurts for almost two years. Hover over the images in the middle of the page and it will tell you what they link to. Check it out! (For those of you who want to see what the old version looked like…)

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I Should be Studying

I have a couple of exams tomorrow, but I find myself drawn here instead. I guess I already knew I spent too much time on the Internet. I really haven’t been on that long today, but I’ve still found some interesting things, including:

  • Airlines taking the polar route to Asia
  • Addictions drain the Canadian economy of $40B/year
  • JoneSoft’s File Splitter
  • a potential “miracle pill” that started with figuring out how pot works

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