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Ever wonder what your public IP Address is? Well, check it out at

So, what is an IP address? It’s a little like a phone number or an email, but for your computer. When you send a request onto the Internet, your IP address serves as the “return address”. It can be useful to know your IP address for various on-line applications, like on-line gaming.

It should be noted that this is your public IP address, which can be different from you computer’s IP address if you are behind a proxy or a firewall. People with high-speed internet access often have a fixed IP address, which is sometimes a concern, and often, hence the firewall. Those using dail-up internet typically have a new IP address assigned to them each time they log in.

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Jerry on

If you go to, they can put a little thing on your webpage that will display your ipaddress, your ISP, the operating system you are using, and the type of browser you are using (FF or IE or … (etc))

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Thalaiva Vijay on

You can also find the IP address from here you can get the details like ISP (Internet Service Provider), IP location, country, latitude, longitude etc..

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