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The Weather Network claims that 80% of the population checks the weather forecast, so they ask why not put the forecast on your site. Best of all it’s free! They have several options for shapes and sizes, but basically, you put a little bit of code in your page, and voila. To hook up, go to

Here’s an example, useful for the bottom of a webpage:

Edit (July 5, 2021): It seems the weather network has finally taken their server offline; frankly I’m surprised it lasted this long. As well, the main site has moved to HTTPS, and various tools would complain about the fact the the above button was a HTTP iframe. Well, that’s solved now…

Or add the Canadian map and see what the weather is like across the country (clicking on a city will take you to the 4 day forecast on The Weather Network’s site). However, Blogger won’t let me add the Java Script tag needed to show you here.

You can go to The Weather Network hook your own webpage up.

I’ll leave you with another fun quote I found:

Being powerful is like being a lady. If you have to tell people you are, you aren’t.

— Margaret Thatcher

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