Fake ID Generator

In something that reminds me of the movie Catch Me If You Can, I came across this website that generates Fake ID’s. Over the last week, the site has improved already, so there might be more features on the way. At the end of last week, it would give you:

  • a weighed random name (male / female) with first name, middle initial, and last name,
  • a street address in the US with ZIP code,
  • a phone number,
  • a “disposable” email address with Pookmail.com,
  • a credit card number (VISA or MasterCard), and
  • a permanent URL for the ID

The idea is to provide an address that will pass a quick validation check. They point out a number of uses for this sort of information, including protecting your privacy online, or using the data in checking a database program. I just think it’s cool that someone’s gone to the effort to go from the raw data to get addresses that pass a quick check.

Over the weekend, a couple more cool features have been added, including

  • Canadian and Australian address
  • disposable email addresses from a number of providers
  • a pop up bubble that tells you how old your alter ego is
  • a disclaimer
  • uncommon names option
  • save as vCard option

and this morning, he keeps reworking the formatting. I don’t know what he’ll add from here, but it looks pretty good right now.

Check it out at dev.allredtech.com/fakename.

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