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I recently switched to the new version of Blogger. From your end, I’m sure it looks very much the same. On my end, that is for the most part true as well, but there are a few subtle changes. Most that I have come across are in the post editing options. I can edit the posting date, and individually set whether to allow your comments and backlinks, and to edit the post time. Another option that I quite like is the ability to add labels. Because it’s so new I don’t think I’ve really got the hang of it, but for now, I’ll explain the series I’ve started:

On-Line Wonders

As I’ve started to create my blog, I’ve found lots of sites the offer some service, useful to webmasters and bloggers in one manner or another. They are listed here, and where possible, I demonstrate their service in or below the post.


Not really a series in the proper sense, but I’ll flag the quote that I add to various posts so that you can scroll through them easily (that’s what labels are supposed to do, right?)


I love to read, and so often come across an interesting tidbit, and so offer it here.

Web Site-seeing

My blog carries a tag-line referring to the hidden gems on the web. This is a selection of them. Granted, it is by no means exhaustive, but I try to pick the fun and sometime random things that I come across. Differing from On-Line Wonders, these tend to me web sites that you will have to go and see yourself to really appreciate.

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