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A service I’ve known about for a while that I finally decided to check out is FeedBurner. It seems to be the ideal set of tool for dealing with your RSS and Atom feeds from your site. For those unfamiliar, RSS and Atom are a simple way for people to see if your site has updated recently. Bloggers and news web sites are among the most common users, but its use has spread a lot further than that. You can either view the feeds through a desktop program, often your email client, or through an online reader, like Google (that’s what I use).

As a result of picking up FeedBurner, I’m going to make a number of changes to my blog, although I suppose most will be under the hood. These will include changing the automatic RSS feed to FeedBurner’s, adding a “subscribe” and “subscribe by email” link on the side, as well as a counter will the number of subscribers (which I fear for the moment is probably depressing low). One of the cool things I can do is create an image that rolls over the last few headlines - very cool, I think! (I like the banner size one, but it throws off the alignment of the whole blog, so we’ll go with the little one)

Another thing you can do is check out my RSS feed online at FeedBurner’s site at feeds.feedburner.com/MinchinWeb. So yeah, that’s my latest fun.

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