Alone with Myself

By nature, I am the type to keep a little to myself; I enjoy time out with friends and in public, but I too need moments from time to time to myself to re-energize and recollect. Over the years, I have grown to appreciate quiet moments with my thoughts, to contemplate the world around me and to better understand the world within.

The last few days have been different, for the time I have had alone has been spent not with thoughts, but my feelings. My thoughts and ideas will bend to reason but emotions offer no such simple explanation of prerogative and intent. While my thoughts have become such that I can pause and resume them with effort to allow me to concentrate on other concerns, my emotions seem to roll over me like the spring thundershowers - you feel the change in the winds and can anticipate the coming rain, but the timing is never certain and the wonders of the lightening show never ceases to amaze, and the best you can do is find someplace dry to wait it out.

Emotions and thoughts are two different parts of me — one that bends to reason and the other that does not. Perhaps, in time, I will better master my emotions, but for now, I watch the storm in its glory, and eagerly await the cool morning that follows with the clearness and renewal that always accompanies it.

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I, by nature, tend not to keep to myself during the day, but more so at night. I enjoy being out in the public, but have learned to love my privacy as well. My thoughts and feelings are important to me and precious.

Emotions and thoughts are also two different parts of me, and it is hard to separate the two. One is rational, the other is not as you have stated above. I’m not convinced that anyone can master their emotions, and is quite difficult to even the most rational of people. To master your emotions and harness them in such a manner I believe would take a part of your emotions and would dampen a sense of human feelings that is so vital to our existence.

Can you imagine if we didn’t have a sense of horror when we see violence, sadness when we see something wrong being done? To be able to harness the emotion of love during a happy time in your life or grief when something sad, such as a loved one passing away?

Emotions give us strength in many ways that we don’t expect, and can make us vulnerable and weak in other ways. However, it is important to experience all types of emotions and sometimes we need to learn to wait out the rain. That is sometimes the hardest part.

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