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Geers (or ‘engineers,’ to the uninitiated) have a thing for numbers, and thus like to make full use of them to solve any problem that comes their way. For example, to size a pipe, you take the flow rate (a number), work a little bit of calculus (or black magic…), and you get out the pipe diameter (another number). ‘Geers like their numbers enough they’ve even figured out how to assign numbers to things that usually don’t get numbers, like public support, personal preferences, safety ratings, the simplicity of the solution, etc.

There are good reasons to use numbers — others can follow your logic, and you can back up any conclusion you reach. But that can fall apart when you meet the ‘real world’ — a world beyond the laboratory doors that works on relationships and feelings, and not so much on hard numbers. Most of us manage to fumble through our outings in this world well enough, but eventually, you’ll meet that girl-of-your-dreams. Then comes that fateful day where she’s going to look into your eyes and say “Hunny, why do you love me so?” It’s not celestial mechanics (otherwise known as ‘rocket science for planets’), but if you can nail that one, it’ll move heaven and earth! I’ll give you a hint — she’s probably not looking for a number here, even if she has a better number than any other girl you’ve ever met. In fact, if you tell her she’s a 9.5, or start listing off things like “public support, personal preferences, etc.”, she’ll probably slap you. No, instead she is looking for an emotional response. But how does a guy, trained in rational thought, give an emotion-based answer?

I don’t have an answer, but having the question I count as a start. I guess until then, I can always consider what a fellow ‘geer suggests:

Surviving the World — Lesson #55 — Scientific Love, or “How to Find Love While Being a Male Engineer”

I wonder how much flights are to Albania…

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Jerry on

Your link doesn't work anymore…

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Link fixed! Thanks Jerry.

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