Colourettu 0.1.1 for Python released

Version 0.1.1 of Colourettu has been released.

Colourettu is a Python library I’ve written for dealing with colours, and specifically to determine the contrast between two colours.

A quick example:

import colourettu
c1 = colourettu.colour()                # defaults to #FFF
c2 = colourettu.colour("#eee")          # equivalent to #EEEEEE
c3 = colourettu.colour("#456bda")
c4 = colourettu.colour([3, 56, 129])    # as an RGB tuple or list
c5 = colourettu.colour((63, 199, 233))
>>> colourettu.contrast("#FFF", "#FFF") # white on white
>>> colourettu.contrast(c1, "#000")     # black on white
>>> colourettu.contrast(c4, c5)

The easiest to install Colourettu (assuming you already have Python installed) is to use pip:

pip install colourettu

This is the first release of this library. The code for Colourettu is hosted on Github.

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