Colourettu 2.0.0 for Python Released

Version 2.0.0 of Colourettu has been released.

Colourettu is a Python library I’ve written for dealing with colours and “palettes” (groups of colours).

A quick example:

from colourettu import Colour, Palette

p1 = Palette()
p1.to_image('p1_blended.png', 60, vertical=False)

Colourettu p1 Blended

c1 = Colour('#fff')
c2 = Colour('#7e1e9c')
p3 = Palette(c1, c3)
p3.to_image('p3.png', max_width=360, vertical=False)

Colourettu p3

The easiest to install (or upgrade) Colourettu (assuming you already have Python installed) is to use pip:

pip install colourettu --upgrade

Additions for this version include the blend functionality, both as a stand-alone function and as a Palette method.

Breaking changes in this version are the fact that the Colour and Palette class have been renamed to the CapWords capitalization.

Other changes include:

  • the tests are now included by default at the colourettu.test namespace. This allows the tests to be run on a system with Colourettu installed by running green colourettu.test
  • updated documentation build system
  • better documentation
  • fix bug where using the max_width parameter with Palette.to_image() would result ina black strip on the bottom/left of the generated image.

Colourettu documentation is now online. A full changelog is online as part of that. The code for Colourettu is hosted on Github.

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