Covid — 6 Months In

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Life feels like it’s returning to normal. But I wonder if that’s mostly because the kids are back at school and my Honey is once again working outside the house (so I have the house to myself during the day again).

In other, somewhat surprising news, we bought a new house! It seems somewhat ironic that it would happen during these Covid times, but here we are. Actually, we’ve done rather well though this Covid spell so far: my work was unaffected, my Honey was off work but the government programs more than made up for her lost paycheck, plus no childcare to pay for and nowhere to travel to. We’d been looking at houses for some time (perhaps 3 years?) and so when something came up that we knew was a great combination of the price and the location we were after, we knew it was time to jump. It ended up happening really fast. I’m still surprised it happened (as recently as January, I figured it would never happen due to housing prices…). Even more surprising, we were able to do it without increasing our monthly mortgage payment, although we did add another 12 years until our mortgage will be paid off.

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