Covid Vaccine — 2 of 2

Covid Vaccine — 2 of 2

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So this last Friday I got my second Covid vaccine shot!

I went out of town again because the scheduling work well and we could get in right away. This time, the weather was nice (no rain like last time!), and so it made for a beautiful drive (see the header photo).

This turned out to be a lot sooner than the “by September” that was talked about last February and much faster that then “16 weeks” that the told us when I got my first shot, now about 6 weeks ago. I’m happy on both counts.

For me, the side effects were even more minimal that for the first shot: my arm (where I got the shot) ached for about a day, and really only if I went to poke it.

The signs that the world is reopening and become more and more apparent: I’ve probably eaten out more in the last week than in the previous year, I attended my first social event in at least at long with people that I didn’t already know, and in-person Church meetings (without restrictions) are set to resume next Sunday. My Honey actually returned to her one job that laid her off due to Covid a year ago March; yesterday was her first shift.

But the world isn’t quite open yet. The border remains mostly closed; in theory I could return to Canada with only a negative Covid test, but the kids aren’t vaccinated yet (there isn’t even a vaccine announced yet for the youngest ones) and so they would still be required to quarantine for two weeks upon their return to Canada. The other complication for family travel plans is that my Honey’s relief is actually stuck in India at the moment, and all direct flights from India have been cancelled due to the current Covid situation there. So it doesn’t look like we’ll be getting in summer travels like we’d hoped.

For future travels, we still want to go and see family in the States. Do we plan on just going when the border reopens, and pull the kids from school for two or three weeks when we do? I guess we’ll figure that out when we get there.

In not-Covid news, we’re at the beginning of what looks to be a monster heat wave, with over a week with highs around 35-40°C. We normally get about a week above 30°C each summer, but this is promising to be extra hot and extra long. We’d talked about installing AC as part of our move-in renovations at our new house, but hadn’t quite gotten that far yet; that’s now been bumped way up the list! Stay cool out there!

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