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Image Process Plugin 3.0.2 for Pelican Released

Image Process is a plugin for Pelican, a static site generator written in Python.

Image Process let you automate the processing of images based on their HTML class attributes. Use this plugin to minimize the overall page weight and to save you a trip to Gimp or Photoshop each time you include an image in your post.

Image Process is used by this blog’s theme to resize the source images so they are the correct size for thumbnails on the main index page and the larger size they are displayed at on top of the articles.

This Release

This post actually covers three releases:

  • v3.0.0 adds support for Pillow v9. No changes were made that would make the plugin incompatible with earlier versions of Pillow, other than the test output images are slightly different between Pillow 8 and 9. This version also removed (official) support for Python 3.6, which isn’t supported by Pillow 9.
  • v3.0.1 fixes function calls that will be deprcated by Pillow v10, scheduled to be released in about a year from now. These changes probrobably make the plugin incompatible with versions of Pillow before v9.1.0.
  • v3.0.2 bumps the lowest officially supported version of Pillow to v9.1.0 and (preemptively) adds support for v10.


to v3.0.0

To upgrade simply use pip:

pip install pelican-image-process --upgrade

This should automatically upgrade Pillow (if needed) as well.

Python 3.6 is no longer officially supported.

The code for this release was ready back in February, but issues with the release framework kept the “official” release from happening until now.

to v3.0.1 and v3.0.2

Again, use pip, as above.

This should work with Pillow 10 when it is released.

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