So I don’t know who he uses for PR, but some guy in California figured May 21 was the “end of the world.” Amh, that was yesterday, for those keeping track. But the PR guy deserves a raise because the story seems to have hit all the major papers. Never mind that the same guy predicted the end of the world in 1994….

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Network Security Flaws

One of the problems with security, especially as it pertains to computers and computer networks, is that it is often not done well. If the rules are too loose, they become trivial to ignore, and so then the security procedures are annoying and ineffective; set the rules too tight and they constrain the users to the point where the user can’t really use the computer or network in question. (This second situation is perhaps more annoying than the first…) Done well, security should be such that it is hardly noticed, at least it my humble opinion.

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Dance, Dance Stickman!

Some painters transform the sun into a yellow spot; others transform a yellow spot into the sun.

— Pabloe Picasso

I was looking up ACSII art on Wikipedia the other day and I came across this, which is too funny to pass up. Who says stickmen can’t dance? Here’s the Macarena!

o o o o o <o <o> o> o .|. \|. \|/ // X \ | <| <|> /\ >\ /< >\ /< >\ /< >\ /<

Too funny!

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Every so often you come across something really cool on the internet. Today, that cool thing was a little program that generates ASCII art.

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The Shortest Distance is…

The time-old adage is that “The shortest distance between two points is a straight line.” Most of what we see day-to-day would confirm that. On paper, you use a ruler, sometimes called a “straight edge,” to connect two dots. In a field, it’s easy to apply the same principle and cut straight across. But then why do the network maps for the airlines always have those funny looking arcs? What happened to those straight lines?

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