So I don’t know who he uses for PR, but some guy in California figured May 21 was the “end of the world.” Amh, that was yesterday, for those keeping track. But the PR guy deserves a raise because the story seems to have hit all the major papers. Never mind that the same guy predicted the end of the world in 1994….

Anyway, there’s nothing quite like being shut down with scripture (see above).

Anyway, I thought I’d share; it made me laugh :)

via Imgur

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Bridget on

We passed a church marque that said “If Jesus doesn't return May 21, worship him here May 22.” Landon and I both cracked up at the same time.

Thanks for sharing! Do you mind if I put this photo in my blog with a link to this page?

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Wm. Minchin on

Go for it Bridget!

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