Bretona Corner

School projects make for interesting things to post. This time, it’s the presentation from a class I took in traffic modelling. I started playing with the images I wanted to use in PowerPoint and I realized that it would probably be easier (and more fun) to just put everything into a video! So I played my in-class presentation from YouTube! The presentation is on the junction of Highway 14 and the Anthony Henday (Highway 216) on the southeast corner of Edmonton.

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Spring in Paris, or the Crazy Night

A couple days ago we made a run to IKEA to get a little furniture to spruce up our place, and I came home with a painting to put on the wall (an unplanned purchase, but I like Paris, so why not?). The picture is called Printemps à Paris (Spring in Paris) and was taken by a lady from Alberta. I decided to make a video of us putting it up and it turned out hilarious!

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Life at 280x

I enjoy tinkering, but due to time constraints and what I have laying around, most of my tinkering involves either my website or my computer. However, the other day I read about how to turn a TI-83 into an intervalometer, connect it to a a camera, let it take pictures for a while, and then turn the stream of photos in a time lapse movie. Well, I had both the calculator and a camera at home, so I was off to the races! Check out my finished result - I’m pretty impressed with how it turned out.

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