Life at 280x

I enjoy tinkering, but due to time constraints and what I have laying around, most of my tinkering involves either my website or my computer. However, the other day I read about how to turn a TI-83 into an intervalometer, connect it to a a camera, let it take pictures for a while, and then turn the stream of photos in a time lapse movie. Well, I had both the calculator and a camera at home, so I was off to the races! Check out my finished result - I’m pretty impressed with how it turned out.

For reference, the pictures were taken approximately every 35 seconds (I put “10000” into the program on the Ti-83Plus) for about 100 minutes (my camera battery died…) and then put together in Windows Movie Maker with the pictures displayed at 8fps. For those of those of you doing the math, that’s like pushing fast forward and having it run at about 280x!

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