Exams are now done…boy does that feel good. I walked out knowing I should have studied more, but I knew that walking in. Now I wait to see what my marks are. I’m sure they’ll be fine - I’m not worried about failing a class - but I had wanted to improve my GPA from where it was last semester. I think my resolve held out till earlier this week, when I started flipping through the Internet to discover all of Google’s many projects (here, be sure to check out Google Labs).

When I was planning my move, I didn’t realize the amount of time it would take. I guess I figured I could walk in, and walk out. But it didn’t happen that way in the least. I spent two or three hours yesterday putting all of my stuff into boxes and into the car. At that point, it was closing in on midnight, so I called it a night and went to visit a couple of friends. They were Bar-B-Q-ing chicken wings over charcoal, which were very delicious. As we sat there eating, the Northern Lights came out to play. It means they’re very bright when you can see them through the city lights. It’s always amazing to watch the green bands dance across the sky.

I ended up coming back this morning to do the cleaning and spent two to three hours at that too. I’d hate to think what I would be like if I had a bigger place to move. The other thing I was reminded in this all is that paper is heavy. After lifting my two boxes of books and papers, my 19” CRT (computer monitor), which weighs 50 lbs itself, seemed rather light. But now that’s all done and I get to settle in to my new quarters.

I’ll leave you with a fun quote:

Duct tape is like the force — it has a light side, a dark side, and it hold the Universe together!

— Carl Zwanzig

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