My Wallet on a Diet

Genius! Pure genius!” was my first thought when I stumbled across this website.

The Problem

I go to the store. They say I get a discount if I have their club card. So some paperwork and five minutes later, I have a 2” by 4” hunk of plastic and more $10 in my pocket than I otherwise would have. But now what do I do with it? I already have a collection of similar hunks of plastic, making my wallet too fat. My option is to keep them somewhere other than my wallet, inevitably, when I want it next, I won’t have it and will be out $10.

The Solution — Just One Club

In reality, most of the time, all you really need at the store is your card number, and so what Blended Technologies has done is put up a simple website that allows you to create a double sided card that contains up to 8 of those bar codes. So what am I doing tonight? Throwing seven cards from my wallet into the archive folder and replacing them with one new card! Many major club cards are listed, and there’s an option to add additional bar codes (handy for things like library cards). As a bonus, check out the sleeve he’s designed to make it simple for the store clerk to figure out which barcode to swipe.

I think this is diet we can all stick to!

via Lifehacker

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That is a really great idea!

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