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I couple of days ago I got an email from the CIRA announcing their “Tell Us Your dot CA Story” contest. At first I brushed it off thinking “I have no chance of winning”, but I decided, on second thought, to write something because I wouldn’t mind a new computer, and I figured it would make a good post. Looking at it now, I think it’s probably good enough to end up on my “About Me” page on my site! My entry: is my presence on the web. Subtitled “There’s lots of random stuff on the web…and some of it is even worthwhile! (plus some personal ramblings)”, it is a space that is all my own, that I can do with as I wish. I think we all yearn for a quiet spot that can be uniquely personal, which is what I have found in this little piece of cyberspace. has also given me a platform (my blog) to express myself, share of the wonders I find on the World Wide Web, and interact with friends old and new. I enjoy writing, but get to do so little creative writing in my school work and personal life that my blog has become a wonderful release. In an ever more competitive world, the ability to communicate becomes of increasing value, and it has become a skill that I have thus been able to develop in my personal time. My website has also given me the space to post my resume online, and get a leg up on job hunting. has provided me with a place to share of my family history, and in the process learn more about myself. Along the way, my audience and I have found each other. Some are old friends, and some are new, and some wish to remain unknown, but each of them has an effect on me. They serve to offer new ideas, challenge my views, and demand that I stay honest with and to myself. In short, my little presence on the web has become an extension of who I am.

If you want to enter yourself, you must already have a dot CA domain name, and you have until February 8th to enter. Your story has to be under 500 words and the grand prize is an Apple MacBook. Good luck!

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