Dilbert: Always Good For a Laugh!


Every so often I need a good laugh…and “Dilbert” by Scott Adams so often fits the bill. For those of you out of the loop, Dilbert is the engineer with the upturned tie who has a rather depressing social life and an imbecile of a boss. The humour, I suppose, comes from the fact the situations Dilbert has to deal with are far too common in cubicle-land.

The official site carries the last month of cartoons (“Dilbert” is published daily), but that’s not very useful to pull up my all-time favourites. Yesterday I found the solution! This guy, S Anand, has put together a collection of Dilbert comics stretching back over six years! Check it out —> Dilbert Browser

Update (June 2018): The official site seems now to carry the full archive (or at least these two I want to point to) and the un-official archive I was pointing to no longer works. So time to update the links.

A couple of my favourites too:

What is your favourite Dilbert cartoon?

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