Goals and Perseverance

I came across I quote this week that really got me thinking.

When in situations of stress, we wonder if there is any more in us to give, we can be comforted to know that God, who knows our capacities perfectly placed us here to succeed. No one was foreordained to fail… When we have been weighted and found wanting, let us remember that we were measured before and found equal to our tasks.

— Neal Maxwell

I’ve recently spent a fair bit of effort trying to put my life in its proper order after going through what one friend termed as a “burnout” at the beginning of the year. As I’ve thought about it, I realized that I’d set out to do several hard things, but I do it because I know the payoff at the end will make the effort worthwhile and I have the confidence that I can accomplish what I set out to do. I also realized that what I did accomplish, even during these crazy times, were the things I had earlier established a goal to accomplish. Therefore, I hope that through whatever may lie ahead, by declaring goals now, I will have the strength to pull through, and accomplish my goals too. In no particular order, my goals include:

  • Maintaining my spirituality — spiritual thing have always served as an important touchstone in my life
  • Pursue my education and get my professional status in the next five years — education opens the door to opportunity
  • Buy my own place, soon after graduation
  • Give my love life that attention it deserves
  • Have a building named after me

Did I miss anything? I’d be interested to hear how you’ve dealt with burnout in your life.

En Advance!

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Avatar for N. Forsyth
N. Forsyth on

When I was where you were, I had the exact same goals. They have now changed:

Spirituality is still #1, Develop professionally is still up there. But I’ve seen now that buying my own place is not a priority, because I realise that until I’ve developed proffessionally, and/or gotten married, I’m not actually settled.

What I’ve moved up on the list, in having experienced burnout, and am now using that experience to avoid another, is to maintain balance. Never let any one goal consume the others, or you will fail at all of them.

Avatar for Jennifer
Jennifer on

What n. forsyth said is very wise: “Never let any one goal consume the others, or you will fail at all of them.” - However in talking about spirituality, remember that your relationship with God is a great thing that changes everything else you will ever do for the better.

Something I have found most helpful is first writing down my values and priorities and numbering them in importance and then writing out my goals and making sure they are in line with my priorities. Then I number the goals in importance. That keeps things in proper perspective for me.

Good luck with everything you do!

Avatar for Shelly
Shelly on

I don’t know where to start. I’ve listed my goals so many times. yet seem to have trouble getting past the ‘researching’ to the execution. You inspire me.

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