Minchin Timesheet System Version 1.1

Minchin Timesheet System Version 1.1

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The Minchin Timesheet System is designed to provide an easy way to keep track of time spent on various projects, especially in situations where the user is working on several projects serially. From the main interface, click on “Record Time Stamp” will prompt the user for a project number, a subproject number, and their employee number. When they are finished, they click “Record Time Stamp” a second time to log off. A button (“Am I Logged In or Out?”) provides a simple way of confirming their status. A third button (“Generate Timesheet”) will automatically generate a timesheet for the employee, breaking down their time by day, project and subproject, and saving the result as an easy to email or print PDF.

This is an update to the original version (v1.0), released at University Student VBA Projects. This update smooths over the edges a little, corrects a few minor math mistakes, and adds an “About” dialogue.

Excel 2007 or newer is required.

Download Minchin Timesheet System v1.1 (Excel Workbook)

Example Timesheet 1 (mirror)

Example Timesheet 2 (mirror)

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