Light Through the Blinds — Photo 10 — Project 365

The morning light through the tree leaves and then the blinds makes some beautiful patterns. What surprised me was just how bright this light was, even filtered, and comparatively, how dark the inside of my apartment is. But I love the way the pattern turned out. :)

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The Time Is… — Photo 9 — Project 365

I wanted to try something a little out there, so I took this one of my clock radio through my glasses. Shooting without my glasses is a little suspenseful, because I can’t see what the picture really looks like (no preview) till it shows up on the camera screen! But I like this one. So that’s what I’m putting up today. :)

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In the Dead of Night — Photo 8 — Project 365

After everyone else goes to bed, the world remains interesting and alive. This is a small farming community, not far from home. I love how the lights from the village are set against the light still in the Western sky, coming over the mountains.

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A Walk By The River — Photo 7 — Project 365

It was a Sunday afternoon and a walk down the beach with my Love sounded wonderful. The only problem is we live a long way from the ocean, so we decided to try the local lake. Turns out the lake shore is a State park and they wanted $9 just to let us in. Well, we weren’t feeling that rich so we settled for a walk along the shady trail next to the river and spend a lovely afternoon together!

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Streams of Sunlight — Photo 5 — Project 365

I went on a hike (and did a little bit of mountain climbing too) this morning with my camera and so ended up with a ton of cool photos. I was actually hard to decide which ONE to put up for today, but here it is! We were up by a waterfall and the sun was streaming through the trees above us. I managed to land just the right angle to get this beautiful lens flare. Enjoy!

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A Snail’s Pace — Photo 4 — Project 365

On my way home from some morning errands, I spotted a snail working its way along the concert lawn edger. In the few minutes I took to get my camera from inside, he was gone (I have no idea where he could have got to…), but I did find his buddy working across the grass. Now this guy’s famous!

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A Rose By Any Name? — Photo 3 — Project 365

Out walking with my Love, we came across this beautiful pink rose, that created this beautiful image.

The effect of the soft background is created by increasing the f-stop so not everything is in focus. The flip side is you need a longer exposure, so I had to use a tripod to get this shot.

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Shooting Stars — Photo 2 — Project 365

Tonight I was after a nighttime theme again. If you point your camera at the stars and leave the shutter open long enough, you end up with these cool star trails. The problem with these pictures is they take a LONG time. The next one in the set (7 minute exposure) got ‘ruined’ because the clouds rolled in and covered the stars. At that point, I decided I’d better call it a night.

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