The Anti-Bush Media

I read an article about a week ago describing it as a disgrace, how Bush has been treated by the American people and media. I sat back and realized it’s been a LONG time since I’ve heard anything nice about George W. Bush. Regardless of how good a job Bush did, or did not do, when the American media starts bad-mounthing the President, it implicitly gives everyone else permission to due the same.

Whether or not you like Obama and his policies, I think part of the hope he offers America is that the media has treated him very well, both domestic and international. There is thus hope that the international media will have positive things to say about this new American president, and by extension, the country as a whole. America remains a force to be reckoned with, and it does no one a disservice to recognize the role American has, and can, play on the world stage to resolve the issues that effect us all.

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Melissa on

I don’t think Bush has been the best president but he has sure been a lot better than the media has made it seemed. And they sugar coat Obama way too much. But I agree it will be nice to not have so much negativity in the media.

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