Blog Redesign — Live Now!

A blog redesign is a big step, perhaps even bigger than my homepage because my blog gets far more traffic. The concern is that people will land here and because the look is different, they won’t recognize it as ‘my’ blog.

Well, a blog redesign has been in the works for probably two years and I decided it’s time to pull the trigger. The immediate push was my ‘Project 365.’ For the last two weeks, I’ve been posting pictures that are wider than the old design and kept telling myself “the redesign is in the works.” My other hesitation in doing the redesign is that I lose all the tweaks in the old template — some 20 at last count. Among the saddest changes is losing my beautiful header picture I took in Hawai’i. But what pushed me over the edge is the new template manager Blogger released. This is worlds ahead of where the platform was when I started with it three years ago. I hope soon to have it figured out how to match my homepage, the rest of my website, and my blog, but, for now, we move forward with three different skins. Little changes will keep coming as I tweak and change, but now it’s live!

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