Project 365 — An Introduction

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Project 365 is an idea I’ve seen tossing around online various places and decided to give it a try. The basic premise is to take a picture every day for a year.  I started on July 9th and today is the 26th, so I have 10 photos in 18 days… hmmm. But I’ll do better — school has cooled off and I feel like I’ve gotten a better hang of what this project is going to require in terms of dedication.

The point, first and foremost is to have fun. Photography is something that I’ve enjoyed since high school, but not something I’ve always been able to enjoy regularly. I hope that just the sheer time and practice of taking photos will make me better at it. If nothing else, the trial and error will show me what works and what simply doesn’t. Putting the photos online is a way to make this project a little more social. If you have comments, suggestions on how to improve my photos, suggested shots, offers of equipment, or want to pose as a model, please let me know!

Photography is about ‘light writing’; that is what the Greek roots of the word mean. The camera sees the world different that I do with my eyes. At first, that is a limitation, but as I’ve come to understand the way the camera ‘sees’ the world, I can use this for artistic purposes. Effects such as limited depth of field, motion blur, camera flare, and frozen waterfalls are all a result of the camera ‘seeing’ the world different than you and I.

As well, photography is about moments in time. Videos show time unfolding and even paintings, though static, are not tied to a specific time. Photography is about the moment, right NOW. A second earlier or later, and the photo is different.

All together, I’m sure that I will start to see the world differently. I look forward to the results, documenting both my world, and perhaps more importantly, myself.

Thank you for joining me. I hope we enjoy the trip!

To see all of my Project 365 photos…

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