The Weather Network

The Weather Network claims that 80% of the population checks the weather forecast, so they ask why not put the forecast on your site. Best of all it’s free! They have several options for shapes and sizes, but basically, you put a little bit of code in your page, and voila. To hook up, go to

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Exams are now done…boy does that feel good. I walked out knowing I should have studied more, but I knew that walking in. Now I wait to see what my marks are. I’m sure they’ll be fine - I’m not worried about failing a class - but I had wanted to improve my GPA from where it was last semester. I think my resolve held out till earlier this week, when I started flipping through the Internet to discover all of Google’s many projects (here, be sure to check out Google Labs).

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I Should be Studying

I have a couple of exams tomorrow, but I find myself drawn here instead. I guess I already knew I spent too much time on the Internet. I really haven’t been on that long today, but I’ve still found some interesting things, including:

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The History of Blogs

I feel like I spend too much time on the internet, but every so often I do come across something interesting. Whether it’s interesting for you is something you’ll have to decide. I’ll probably post such web sites as I would want to some day come back to, or tell someone else to check out.

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Start with a Home Page

I set up a personal home page yesterday with Google, and wrote this:

This is, obviously the Home Page… the site is currently under construction, so I’ll add more here soon. The question with any online presence is how much can I say, without giving away who I am…They talk all the time about the need for keeping your personal information safe on the internet, and this page is very much public. I think for now this will basically be a little hobby, something I can play around with and see what happens. I’ll keep looking in to options, but maybe a blog is more what I’m after. I’ll have to post a link if I go to that. One of the biggest reasons for moving may be that I can get people’s feedback without having to give out my email, and I think you can run Adsense off your Blog too, and a little pocket change is always nice.

So I decided to try out this blog thing. We’ll see how it goes, and maybe I’ll end up using the two together.

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