Global Git Ignore on Windows

Git has an handy feature that you can get a system-wide .gitignore file. This is particularly helpful to keep your project .gitignore files lean. However, Git was originally built for Linux and sort of begrudgingly supports Windows, which sometimes leads to oddities (like this):

Where do you put your global .gitignore file on Windows to automatically have it loaded?

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Covid Personal Update — 11 Months In

So it’s almost exactly 11 months since the first Covid restrictions were implemented…. It’s getting long enough that “last year” will soon stop referring to “normal” times.

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Negative Covid Test Results

So my Honey and the kids got their Covid test back: negative. But, odd to me at least, they’ve been asked to continue to isolate for the rest of the original two week isolation period.

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Covid — 6 1/2 Months In

So normal went out the window pretty fast. After two and a half weeks of school (i.e. “normality”) my Honey and some of the kids are at home, being asked to isolate for the next two weeks. It turns out one of the other kids at the daycare tested positive for Covid.

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Covid — 6 Months In

Life feels like it’s returning to normal. But I wonder if that’s mostly because the kids are back at school and my Honey is once again working outside the house (so I have the house to myself during the day again).

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Economics of Land Redevelopment

I’ve been house hunting for a while, seeing if I can mind a bigger place at an affordable price. As part of that, I’ve been thinking a little about urban renewal and redevelopment and their effect on house pricing. The long and the short of it is that I don’t see how they can bring down house prices (directly).

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Seafoam 2.4.5 Released

It’s time for a new update to Seafoam, the website theme currently in use here (on my Blog) and by my wider site.

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Covid and Bankruptcy

So we are about two months in to the local COVID crisis. I work from home and am healthy, so not a tonne has changed in my day to day (although there are more people running around the house). But my company almost went bankrupt.

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Covid Personal Update — One Month In

So we’re maybe a month into the semi-quarantine imposed by COVID going around. As of yet, I don’t know anyone that’s come down with it, and I’m okay if it stays that way.

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Personal Update on COVID-19 — The “Beginning”

I thought I should write a (small?) note on the virus (Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV)) currently overrunning the world. Events seems to be happening so fast, that I think it will be hard to remember how I felt at various points otherwise…

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