Problems with PRISM (and the need for Privacy)

Recently, American Edward Snowden exposed a ton of information about what information the US government, via the NSA, is collecting off the internet. The NSA, naturally, had given anything but a straight answer. It seems the NSA program exists in some form, but many details remain murky. No matter, Edward said he wanted to have a discussion about surveillance, and perhaps privacy, and that is what this post is really about.

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Alberta Yellows — Photo 100 — Project 365

Alberta Yellows — Photo 100 — Project 365
Alberta is amazing for its landscapes. Much of it is flat, and combined with roads surveyed before anyone lived there on even mile spacing, you can get roads that seem to go on forever. This picture was take in October (Thanksgiving weekend, actually) and so the grass was basically dead but the snow had yet to come, leaving this beautiful palette of yellows.

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Push a Hg Repo to GitHub

So the scenario is thus: There is a project that I want to contribute to that is a Mercurial (Hg) repository (or ‘repo’ for short). I’ve taken a liking to Git; GitHub in particular with their new and beautiful Windows frontend. So how do I take a remote Hg repo and push it to GitHub. As follows (the following assumes you have a Ubuntu box available to play with, although I imagine many Linux machines would work the same way):

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Waterfall — Photo 98 — Project 365

Waterfall — Photo 98 — Project 365
Still in the National Parks between Banff and Jasper, I found this waterfall. The effect I was going for here was one of fluid motion - by setting a (relatively) long shutter speed (a tenth of a second, in this case), the motion of the water is captured. At the other extreme, with an extremely fast shutter speed, you can freeze a waterfall, making it look almost as if it had turned to ice in an instant.

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Wild Rose — Photo 97 — Project 365

Wild Rose — Photo 97 — Project 365
The wild rose is Alberta’s provincial flower, picked by the schoolchildren not long after the province’s creation in 1905. The flower is beautiful, but I rarely see it in the city. I was extra excited to find one of this size and open like this.

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Tiny Bridge — Photo 96 — Project 365

Tiny Bridge — Photo 96 — Project 365
Bridges are usually seen when standing on them or sometimes beside them, but rarely straight down like this. This is taken along the Icefields Parkway, about halfway between Jasper and Banff, looking down from a roadside lookout.

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On the Edge — Photo 94 — Project 365

On the Edge — Photo 94 — Project 365
Driving through the mountains, we stopped at a beautiful overlook for breakfast. I love shooting in the mountains because it’s so easy to get depth and great backgrounds are everywhere!

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Looking On — Photo 93 — Project 365

Looking On — Photo 93 — Project 365
I spent the day at the mall, and used my telephoto lens to get come neat candid photos. I also liked how everyone milling around in the mall could be used to generate depth in the photo.

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