Genealogy — March 2024 Update

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It’s been 6 years, but my genealogy website has finally been updated!

I’m not sure exactly why I stopped updating the site; I think it was mostly that the generator (Gigatrees) that I was using had updated and broke my process (again…). At the time, I figured I had spent so much time wrangling Gigatrees to work the way I wanted, that I could have built my own site generator in that time! I did start that, but it’s the dreaded re-write, and died on the vine before it got usable. For now, I’ve pulled out the old (working) version of Gigatrees out of my archives, and it at least generates the site for now.

Another downside of the current process is that I run the Gigatrees output through Pelican to get (final) generated site to match the style of the rest of my site, but that step alone takes 45 minutes!1

The immediate push for picking this up again is that we are planning a Minchin reunion2 for this summer, and I’d like to have the family history in shape to be presented and updated at the reunion.

For now, the immediate things I’ve been working has been adding details from the 1901 and 1911 census. It’s proving a good way to confirm family relationships and residences.

There are lots of things that I’m not sure are working, and so I should probably look into making the most recent version of Gigatrees work, or get serious about my own generator….

One positive it is proves how well a static website (like this) works. After all, even after all this time left along, the site was still working!

To an update, sooner than 2030!

  1. In fairness, I’m running Pelican on over 10,000 source files, and the output site is ~1 GB in size, so it’s not like I expect it to be instantaneous. But this is perhaps one of the times when “Python is slow” actually applies…. Maybe while I waiting for one of these runs, I’ll take to profiling and speeding up Pelican

  2. For the decendants of Alex Minchin (1890-1963). 

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