To Québec and Adventure!

At this moment, my life is full of excitement, and the good kind too! Last week I finished up exams and am now done my degree, and I have a grand adventure lined up for the summer — a working exchange in Québec.

To graduate is a weird time in life, because it is a very definite mark between one chapter in life and the next. At times like this, I tend to turn reflective, and contemplative of the path that has brought me here. I had a free afternoon the other day and so decided to stop in on my old high school. It was fun to catch up to my old teachers, who, in contrast with many of my university professors, actually had the chance to get to know me, and so thus, years later, still remember me. Looking forward is weird — sometimes in the midst of school it’s hard to imagine it will ever end, but here I am! Now to plan the future, and the world really does seem to be my oyster. I have the summer mostly figured out, but from there, the options are endless.

Québec will be a blast. I’m driving out there, so I’ll have my car, and I plan to go adventuring — I figure everything within 4-6 hours is fair game for a weekend trip, which includes Ottawa, Montréal, Québec City, and even Boston. It will also give me a chance keep up my French, and I think it will be fun to get out of town and see some Canadian history. Plus, it works much better to go to either Paris (rather expensive) or Tunisia (what can I do but be a tourist?), two of the other places I was considering going for a bit following graduation.

The drive out there will be an adventure in and of itself. I have two weeks, so I’m going to take the scenic route — via southern California and New York City. Thanks to the wonders of Google, below is a copy of my (tentative) route and some of the places I might visit if time and desire permit. If I can find internet, I’ll try and keep you updated here as I go along.

View Out to Quebec in a larger map

Well, I’m off to the adventure called life!

To Quebec and Adventure!
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