Day 1: Edmonton to Cardston AB

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Sunday, April 26, 2008

My struggle with going on anything like this is figuring out what I need, and then packing what I need without packing a ton of extra stuff too. As I left, I made sure I had my passport, and I figure I can buy just about anything else. There are a few things that didn’t make it into the van:

  • shampoo and conditioner
  • a baseball hat
  • combination locks — this is really dumb because I bought them Saturday for this trip

The first day was mostly uneventful; I made it to Cardston like I’d hoped to and made good time. It’s kind of ridiculous, but when I left Edmonton, it was snowing, and it snowed off and on until I was about half an hour south of Calgary. Supper was at Peter’s Drive-in, of course.

Road Leaving Edmonton

The ‘beautiful’ road conditions as I left Edmonton

Peter's Drive-in

Peter’s Drive-in in Calgary

Cardston Temple

The Alberta Temple in Cardston

Leave Edmonton — 3:25pm — 219,187km
Arrive Calgary — 6:15pm — 219,483km
Leave Calgary (after supper $7.80) — 6:45pm
Claresholm (for gas $29.02) — 8:00pm — 219,617km
Arrive Cardston — 9:15pm — 219,721km

Today — CAD$36.82 — 5:15 hours — 534km
Total — CAD$36.82 — 5:15 hours — 534km

To Quebec and Adventure!
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Two Weeks In

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Avatar for Jerry
Jerry on

Yes… Why did you think you had the need to bring combination locks?

Avatar for Wm. Minchin
Wm. Minchin on

The combination lock are useful at hostels, where you’ll often have a cubby you can lock your stuff up in, as you don’t have a private room. But the good news is I found my locks — they were in with some chocolates I’d bought to take to a friend in California.

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