Day 3: Provo UT

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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Today was pretty quiet, as I just hung around Provo. I caught up to a couple of friends, and looked into a Grad program at the university in town. The program seems a good fit, and they surprised me when they told me if I can get my application put together in the next two weeks, I can get in for the fall! I’m excited, but it’s no easy task that’s been put before me. I guess when I find someplace with a phone and the internet, I’ll have to spend some time figuring it all out. The goal for tomorrow is Vegas!

(I exchanged some Canadian money for American, and the exchange rate I got was 78 cents, so that’s what I’m using — at least for now — for the conversion factor between the two.)

Provo (all day) (lunch ~$7)

Today — US$7 — 0 hours — 0km
Total — CAD$231.87 — 16:40 hours — 1712km

To Quebec and Adventure!
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Avatar for Jerry
Jerry on

Really…you can get in the fall if you apply within the next two weeks? That’s awfully late. I’m very surprised myself.

Avatar for Wm. Minchin
Wm. Minchin on

Jerry, I made it in! I start school again in September.

Avatar for melissaclee
melissaclee on

Good luck getting into Grad school. Is it BYU you are trying for? What program?

Looks like you had a very fun and expensive trip!

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