Day 9: El Paso to Dallas TX

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Monday, May 4, 2009

I got into El Paso ridiculously late last night, and then with the new time zone, it was almost 2:30 in the morning when I made it to bed. The late night means that it’s only now (at 11 o’clock the next morning) that I’m finishing breakfast. The task before me is a little daunting — I have 3,900 km between me and Montreal, and 5 days to cover it if I want to meet the kids flying in. The goal for today is Dallas area, where I have lined up to stay with the friend of a friend.

If I had more time, White Sands, New Mexico is recommended, especially at sunset, and the Carsbad Caverns, also in New Mexico, which are one of the largest cave systems in North America and are supposed to be spectacular. However, visiting the two would add another day, a day which I don’t really have at this point.

They say everything is bigger in Texas, and perhaps it’s true. The expanse certainly gives new meaning to “wide, open spaces.” Texas itself is huge — if you drive I-10 from one end of the state to the other, it’s almost 900 miles (by way of comparison, Alberta is just shy of 1000 miles, north to south). Even the sky seems bigger, with the clouds more aloof.

I’m not sure where I’m headed tomorrow, beyond getting my oil changed and seeing Minchin, Texas, which is probably about half an hour from where I’m staying, and then I should head north and east. New Orleans would be great, but I think it’s a little too far from where I need to go, although Ottawa and Palymra remain options.

Hotel in El Paso

The place I stayed at at 311 E Franklin Street, El Paso TX.


A gorgeous sunset.

(hostel $21.55, parking $1.75, towel rental $0.75, breakfast $6)
Leave El Paso — 11:19am (MDT) — 223,651km
El Paso (gas $23.25) — 11:35am — 223,659km
I-10 milepost 102 — US Immigration Station — 12:35pm — 223,784km
Pecos (gas $21.12, Skittles $2.17) — 2:05 to 2:35pm — 223,989km
Odessa (nap) — 3:17 to 4pm — 224,113km
Colordo City (stretch break) — 5:18pm — 224,273km
Tye (gas $26.25, supper $9) — 6:05 to 7:08pm — 224,371km
I-20 Rest Stop — 8pm — 224,553km
Arrive Little Elm — 10:43pm — 224,719km

Today — US$111.84 — 9:10 hours — 1068km
Total — CAD$761.89 — 48 hours — 5198km

To Quebec and Adventure!
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